Dreyfus McDryfus puts his head into the bucket of eels
Dreyfus McDryfus describes exactly how it feels
"Like a bucket of eels"

Dreyfus McDryfus v. Kansas Board of Education
Dreyfus McDryfus and the shot heard all around the nation
"I'm on vacation"

Dreyfus McDryfus stars in Richard the Third 2 Part 11
Dreyfus McDryfus is probably getting into heaven
"It's unleavened"

I'm in the table on the table
And I'm under the sand
And I'm travelling through the gables with a plan on my plan
It's been seventeen days since I said I'm a man
But Dreyfus McDryfus is a family man

Dreyfus McDryfus shoots thunderbolts from his eyes
Dreyfus McDryfus is the only man on earth who cooks pies
And when he does everyone who eats them promptly dies


from Men, released March 15, 2006



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